Accelerated Piano, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Voice, Cello, Viola
Rudy Cordeiro

Rudy is a native of the Washington D.C. area, but he and his family resided in South Carolina before moving to Utah. Rudy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sacred music and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Music Education. He has studied piano as his principal instrument and plays the violin as well. He has had the privilege of teaching music both privately and in the classroom for over twenty years, and his greatest desire is to help students discover the joy of music and to express themselves through that music. Rudy is an avid fan of Brazil’s national soccer team, and he enjoys reading, writing music, and spending time with his family. Rudy and his wife, Rachel, along with their four children, moved to Utah to assist in church work located in Mountain Green, and he is excited to lead the Morgan Valley Music Team.

Rachel Cordeiro

Rachel began playing the piano at age 5 and received private piano instruction for a total of fifteen years. During college, she also took several music courses to help strengthen her theory skills and musical development and is currently working to complete a Certificate in Piano Pedagogy. Her passion is to teach the fundamentals of music to every student, with the goal of establishing a strong foundation of rhythm and note recognition from which students can grow to their fullest potential. In her spare time, you can find Rachel reading a good book, playing the piano at church, or for her own enjoyment at home!

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass
Michael Kovary

Michael started out playing cello and bass guitar in jr. high and high school before moving to the guitar which he has been playing for nearly 20 years. He has gigged around Utah and throughout the mountain states in various rock bands as well as his high school jazz band. Michael’s vision is to bring confidence and imagination to children’s lives and empower them with the confidence to express themselves. This is also assisted by his experience in teaching martial arts to children and adults. Music offers a limitless reservoir of creativity, self-expression, and empowerment. Michael’s students will learn to listen and analyze music intently, appreciate nuance and individuality, and learn to play the guitar with the end goal being the discovery of their own unique style. Currently, Michael is a student at Weber State University and dedicates a large chunk of his time writing and producing experimental and instrumental music under the name Droom Spook, and can otherwise be found practicing Brazilian JiuJitsu every chance he gets.

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass
Nathan Minert

Nathan has a deep love of music and wants to help others in their pursuit of making music. He has experience playing lots of different genres and instruments. He has a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Commercial Music from Snow College. Nathan loves working with passionate students and helping them achieve their goals in music and in life. He likes to include the study of all aspects of music, from theory to technique to ear training, in order to help students deepen their connection with and understanding of music. Students can expect an encouraging and friendly environment focused on goals and progress. Nathan’s philosophy as a teacher is to make sure each student is equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in their goals, whether they have to do with music or not.

River Poll

River has been taking piano lessons for 8 years, he gained his love of teaching when his family began asking him how to play songs like “Hedwig’s Theme”, and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, among others. Outside of music, he has helped teach math, science, and history to fellow students and peers in the classroom and activities. River is excellent at teaching students who do not feel confident in their own abilities, and students who are more reserved or shy. Through his time teaching students he has been able to isolate the abilities to cater to the individual student. With patience, kindness, and just the right amount of push, he has seen incredible results in students of all ages and skill levels in many subjects. He believes that teaching a student a skill such as music also carries a responsibility to teach life lessons. His philosophy is that a teacher should teach more than just the skill, a teacher should teach life skills and critical abilities.

Guitar, Voice
Ireland Redd

Ireland has had a deep passion for music for as long as she can remember. From the first time she sang along to the radio, she fell in love with anything with a rhythm or melody. She has professional training in classical, Broadway, and modern voice for over 7 years, and has been playing guitar for 4 years. She gained a love for writing music and lyrics from one of her teachers when she was young, who would encourage her to write silly songs once a week. Ireland spends her free time writing songs and loves the way she can express herself through music. She loves to show others how beneficial and fun music can be, and hopes to inspire her students to follow their dreams and work towards their goals – whatever they might be! Ireland believes that providing students with a creative outlet through music can provide an array of benefits, and bring so much fun and joy to anyone’s life!

Piano, Voice, and Voice Fundamentals
Kayci Dunn
As a Wisconsin native, she started performing in musical theater at the Fireside Theatre in Fort Atkinson, WI beginning at age 6. Her love for music and singing has continued her whole life! She took private voice lessons from 1st grade through college years and participated in various local choirs, community musical theater productions, and school music programs over the same time. One of her favorite experiences was performing in the Wisconsin State Honors Choir in 1997.
In 2000, a move to Utah interrupted her pursuit of a vocal performance degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; however, she continued studying briefly through the BYU School of Music. She is currently Vice President/Director of the Morgan Valley Children’s Choir and enjoys participating with other ensembles in the community. Her husband and she reside in Morgan with their four children. Family, faith, and music are at the top of her list, but some of her other loves include baking and enjoying the outdoors. Being a part of learning, teaching, and enjoying music with others is one of her greatest joys.
 Guitar, Bass, and Ukelele
Dalan is a life long guitarist, song writer and producer. He fell in love with playing guitar at the young age of 13 and has loved sharing this passion for music every step of the way. He was raised in Morgan and has recently returned to his small home town to provide his support and care for his mother and elderly grandparents. He loves Morgan and the people in it. He is eager to help students reach their goals with guitar and music. He is excited to do what he loves and hopes to inspire others on their journey with music. Come jam with Dalan!